Holistic Bio


Discovering Beautiful Longevity

Make “beautiful longevity” a reality by materializing human’s “holistic beauty” through upmost available biotechnology.
Develop clinically proven and genuine “Holistic Bio Food” products based on results from innovative and scientific research.


Global leader in “Holistic Food Revolution”

Through the synergy of holistic foods, become a pioneer in global health food revolution.

Core Capability

CEO’s experience and
nutraceutical industry network

Research and product development
targeting longevity genes

Propagation of
Holistic Food synergy

Processing technology to
realize Holistic Bio’s philosophy

Holistic Bio's Philosophy

Nature is the balance and harmony of the whole body, mind and soul

Body, mind and soul makes a human being. Human health not only consists of the body’s vitality but also is maintained through the
balance and harmony of the mind and soul.
Plants consist of the root, leaf, fruit and seed. Each part of the plant have their own specific role in maintaining the life. They each have different
efficacy and components to execute their functions and mutually supplement each other for the benefit of the whole.

Humans can have “beautiful longevity” until the age of 120. Through Holistic Bio’s technology, the production of longevity inducing functional
ingredients from whole foods will
be maximized. These ingredients will be technically converted so that they can be effectively absorbed into the body which will in turn promote holistic beauty that will allow for a beautiful longevity.

Holistic Beauty

The Three Essential Elements of Holistic Beauty